Flam to Bergen

Next morning awoke again to find it cold and raining (seems to be the theme to this trip), so cancelled our planned kayaking trip and caught the early ferry through the Sognefjord to Gudvangen.

Aurland Road Trip

We hired a car and drove firstly to the town of Undredal.

Get your Hansa off a my Aass

As I mentioned before, everything is massively expensive, not least of all the beer! It's about $18NZD a glass!! Totally the opposite of the 50cents I was paying in Romania last year! At least it as amusing names. In Oslo, the local beer is called Aass. So you can say 'I'll have a nice Aass please' and not get slapped. Now we are over to the west in Bergen, the local beer is called Hansa. I can just imagine the marketing campaign for Bergen vs Oslo Beer - “Get your Hansa off a my Aass!!”

Oslo to Flam

From Oslo we took a 4 hour train journey across the countryside to Mydral. The countryside is tall, tall pine forests with clearings containing a group of traditional houses known as 'communes'.


After more delays we finally made it to Oslo in one piece. The day was spent wandering around the city and spectacular waterfront. There is so much mixed architecture, lots of ornate farcards and copper roofs dating from the 16th century right up to a very cool art deco Rathus (town hall), then a few ugly modern square blocks. I wonder why they call a town hall a Rat House?

Hong Kong - Typhoon Nuri

It's been an exciting time so far, we almost didn't start the journey as, at Nelson airport, we found that there was a problem with Mich's tickets in the system!

Since then the trip has been a comedy of errors, with flights delayed, entertainment systems not working, and extreme weather. Yes, we landed in Hong Kong just as Typhoon Nuri hit!


Vietnam - Craft Villages outside of Hanoi

Today has been spent out in a few of the local handicraft villages.