Loire - Villandry and Chateau du Clos Luce

We picked-up a rental car from the Gare Nord in the centre of Paris.

Last Days in Norway

Over 5 days driving Mich has been getting highly frustrated with the 60km speed limit going through countryside with lots of small lifestyle type properties. Just as you pass though a village, then get up to 90km, another cluster of houses appears!


Mich's Mum stayed in a Youth Hostel in the town of Stamsund back in 1982, and raved about it. So we looked it up, and booked in for a night.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Inland, on a hill at Borg, an old Viking Longhouse had been rediscovered and rebuilt into a living museum. This is one of the most interesting and alive concepts we have ever seen.

Lofoten Islands

The most important method of income for the Lofoten Islands is from the fishing and processing of Norwegian Arctic cod.

Flying to Lofoten Islands

Well, we flew out of Bergen on Sunday, 31st August bound for Evenes via Oslo.


Bergen is Norway's Capital for Bread. Just kidding. No one here has heard of Bergen Bread!