Flight of the Gibbons

We travelled an hour north to a small village in the hills to fly like gibbons through the tree canopy in the jungle, although we needed zip wires to achieve what the gibbons do so naturally. The Flight of the Gibbons skywire

Bo Sang Craft Village

Today we hired a taxi to take us to Bo Sang craft village where they make amazing umbrellas, beautiful silk products, lacquer ware, intricate wood carvings and pottery and much more.

3SIS Vocation Lodge in Chiang Mai

We arrived in the evening at 3SIS B&B which just inside the walls of the old city of Chiang Mai. They have 2 types of accommodation, the B&B and the vocation lodge.


Revi and I caught up in Bangkok ready for our adventure to Chiang Mai and Koh Chang.

Just 15 Hours in Brunei

I arrived in Brunei's capital - Bandar Seri Begawan in the evening and although very tired I wanted to make the best of the time I had there (about 15 hours) as I may never get back.


Normally when we travel we have a rule that we avoid major towns and major highways, but this trip was a little different in that we had a deadline to be in Belgium to meet some friends hence rules were broken.

Le Mont-St-Michel

Another lengthy drive north-west took us through the countryside of Maine-Brittany to Avranches.