Gaudi's Barcelona

As you walk the streets of Barcelona you see books called "Barcelona - Gaudi's City" and that fairly much sums it up!  Barcelona would not be the city it is without Gaudi's buildings and the buildings that have been influenced by his designs. 

There are so many beautifully weird and interesting buildings - we visit just 3 of Gaudi's designs - all of which I love for different reasons:

  • the roof top of Casa Milla
  • the arches in the attic and the decor in the apartment of Casa Bitillo
  • the modern entrance and amazing interior of the Sagrada Familia

La Pedrera - Casa Milla

There is not a straight exterior wall in the building even the interior courtyard walls are oddly shaped

exterior of Casa Milla

The lobbies have amazing big wrought iron doors

Wrought iron gate

and in one lobby a colourful mural on the ceiling

mural ceiling in lobby

We huffed and puffed our way up the stairs to the roof top only to find there is a lift up which we could have used!  The rooftop of this building looks like something out of a sci-fi makes you wonder if the person who invented Darth Vader visited here.

Darth Rader like roof top


Even the roof top curves its way up and down, thru unusual arches and around unusual shaped stairs, building vents and chimneys.

curved rooftop and chimneys

From here you get a great view of the Sagrada Familia spires in the distance

Sagrada Familia taken from Casa Milla

We visit one apartment inside the building that has been kept in the original period.  Check out the device above the bath! 


Casa Batillo

Gaudi took a traditional building and transformed it into one of his special works!  With a new facade

Exterior of Casa Batillo

and the addition of an attic made from the most amazing arches

arches in the atticarches in the attic


The rooftop has a brightly coloured mosaic dragon

Casa Bitillo roof top

 The internal courtyard walls were lined with blue mosaic walls which got darker as you reached the top of the building and cool wooden window frames with wooden louvers to create ventilation.

blue mosiac interior courtyard and woodern lourver window

 We visited the inside of an apartment which was just as amazing in decor as the exterior.  With a cool fireplace,

cool fireplace

 most amazing light

awesome light

 and cool doors just to name a few

art decor doorway

Sagrada Familia

This has to be the most famous of all Gaudi's buildings.  They are still building it today!  Each of the four sides are unique.  They vary from the extremely religious

Sagrada Familia -  entranceSagrada Familia -  entrance close up

to the more modern entrance with statues which could be mistaken for Star Wars characters.

Sagrada Familia -  entranceSagrada Familia -  entrance close up

The interior has the most amazing tall columns with very modern animal characters,

Columns inside Sagrada Familia

the ceiling is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Ceiling inside Sagrada Familia

and the alter is very modern

Sagrada Familia Alter

I visited the Sagrada Familia in 1992 and the interior has changed dramatically in 2011.  There is an exhibition in a side gallery which explains the influences on Gaudi in his design and helps you really understand where he was coming from when he designed this extraordinary building.  There are parts of the building which I don't like but other parts that just memorised me.  Truly magnificent!

You will find more photos in the photo gallery.