Our hotel was part of the old wall which once surrounded the old town of Cordoba and within easy walking distance to La Mezquita.

La Mezquita is the third largest mosque in the world.  The exterior has large door ways all around the mosque.

Mosque doorway

Inside you will find something a little different - the most amazing pillars from one end of the Mosque to the other.

Cordoba Mosque Pillars

however it has been used as a christian church for almost 9 centuries!!   This huge mosque (about the size of a rugby field) has a cathedral in the middle, which is still used daily for christian masses.

Cathedral inside Mosque

One gets the feeling that the cathedral in the  La Mezquita pales into insignificance when you see the grandeur of the mosque.  It just looks so out of place.  The Mihrab which faces Mecca is simply stunning


The bell tower used to be a minaret

Bell tower

The street wind around and through the old town twisting and turning like a maze making it easy to lose your bearings.  They have wonderful shop signs

and given that most places do not have gardens the walls are lined with pots that are in full flower in spring but suffer a little from the dry heat in the peak of summer.

One thing that we find strange is that when you order a dish at a cafe it almost always comes with chips (no not french fries but crisps)!!  Even if you order something at breakfast!

crisps with my breakfast

On the evening before leaving for Granada we discovered the best tapas bar in the old city - they are famous for their tortilla de patatas - wow how someone can make such simple ingredients as potatoes and egg taste so good is beyond us.  Did I mention that these tortillas are made on a grand scale!

Tapas bar with great tortillahuge tortillas

Unfortunately most of the shops all have the same touristy junk that they are trying to sell to the tourists - suppose it must sell otherwise the shops would not survive.

typical shop

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.