Chaing Mai Sunday Markets

Every Sunday the street outside our accommodation (3SIS vocation lodge) turned into a large colourful market.

Sunday market outside hote;

This market is absolutely amazing!!! We walked for about 4 hours and only managed to see about 40% of the market. It was crammed with lot of different stalls selling lots of wonderful things.

Cool hats


Cool light decoratons


Cool lights

Unlike the night bazaar, there was a lot better variety in the goods that they were selling and the prices were much better as well. The Thai people as well as the tourist enjoy this market. There were many food stalls selling yummy and not so yummy things to eat.

Food Stall

Sunday market food stal

drinks on ice

drinks on ice

and unusual drinks on offer including chrysanthemum and roselle

interesting drinks

The market starts setting up around 4pm and goes until 11pm. As the Loy Krathong festival is on, the streets were fill of lanterns which add extra colour to the markets!

lanterns over the Sunday market


If you are planning a trip to Chiang Mai make sure you are there on Sunday!!  Revi and I think this is the best market ever!  I also heard that there is a Saturday market close by which is gaining in popularity as well....a lot of the same vendors I understand.

More photos are in the photo gallery