Vietnam - Craft Villages outside of Hanoi

Today has been spent out in a few of the local handicraft villages. 

The first specialised in making pottery.. really interesting.. especially when Mich started getting involved in pouring the moulds! 

Mich pouring the mould at pottery plcae

Next was a paper printing village where the artist was 15th generation with his family performing the same art from the 16th centuary. 

We got some lovely prints depicting the local sumo wrestling (for me!) and a scholar returning home (for Mich).  The rice paper is made out of tree bark, and brushed with ground seashells and rice gluten for the luminesence.

Lastly we went to a silk weaving village and watch the coccoons being unravelled, spun, and woven into amazing fabrics!.. 

Large Old Silk Loom

The scarfs, handbags, dresses, etc were so beautiful.  More photos can be viewed in our photo gallery.