Kyoto Nishiki Market & Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Japan  – Day 1 - Kyoto Nishiki Market

My first day was a visit to a local market, on the way stopping at the Nishiki Market (food marketvopen daily) to have a sneak preview before spending more time here later in the week. 

I found this amazing store that sold an array of dried fruits and roasted chestnuts.  The chestnuts were hugh and the roasting machine looked like a train engine lol.  I am not really a fan of chestnuts but these ones tasted amazing.  I ended up buying a bag of sugar coated ginger which was so yummy…I have returned to get more!  The cranberries are very tasty as well.

Chestnuts2 chestnut roaster   Ginger & Cranberries 

The  Kitano Tenmangu Shrine market was selling mainly second hand items – one stall was offering shopping bags fill of second hand Kimonos  for 900 yen.  There were people everywhere stuffing plastic bags full!  On the other hand all I bought was food! There were plenty of things to try.  There was the rice wrapped in bacon (I think) and then coated with a yummy sauce and cooked.  They then added cheese and spring onions – yummo.  Next I had Octopus balls – they looked wonderful but they rushed to get me the balls so they were not cooked properly ☹.  Then there were the cakes stuffed with beans or chocolate – so far this is the only thing I didn’t like.

rice on stick  octopus balls being cooked  pancakes made with chocolate inside

I spent some time strolling around the shrine which was really beautiful.  There were many school children there and quite a few dressed in Kimonos for the occasion.  There were some lovely paintings in one area – not sure how old they were ….a brief check on Google was not able to shed any light about the paintings.

girls in their kimonos  temple  Japanese painting

Everyone was rubbing this bull and rubbing different parts of the body in the hope that it will bring healing and strength to the parts of their body they rub.


I finished the day by venturing down some of the back alleys close to the hotel in search of good Japanese food.  I think I struck the jackpot – tuna sashimi, octopus balls & eel!

Sashimi  Eel & Octopus balls2

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