Christmas on the West Coast 2013

Mum, Fabian, Mel, Bailey & I booked the beach cabin at Gentle Annie which is by the Mokihinui River entrance on the West Coast. 

Bailey was allowed in the cabin as long as he didn’t venture into the bedrooms.  The cabin had a lovely view of the wild ocean seas with the large waves dumping day and night.  The cabin was secluded from the other cabins and there were lots of places to take a stroll – we did not quite make it all the way up the cliffs walk as we had a few typical wet west coast days.  Weka’s strolled around the area and scuttled away as soon as they saw Bailey.  It didn’t stop them from drinking out of his bowl thou.

vierw from cabinchecky wekas

When the sun shone we took the opportunity to check out the beach.  We had to keep Bailey on a lead most of the time at the beach as he loves water but one step into the sea would be lethal!  Whilst we flew the kites, Bailey dug the beach up and ate the sand.

amazing beach

kite flyingBailey eating sand

Fabian, mum and I took a drive over to Karamea to check out the Oparara Basin, which the Kahurangi National Park.  This place is absolutely amazing!  We first walked to see the limestone arch which took us past beautiful streams and an orangey brown river coloured from the tannin in the trees.  The arch stood high above the ground (37 metres) and was 200 metres in length.

limestone archinside the limestone arch

Then we decided to look for the Mori Gate Arch.  We followed another beautiful native tree lined walking track with a friendly robin in tow and came upon a path that pointed to the cave entrance. 

bush trackchecky robin

We climbed down the rope stairs and into the most amazing cave with the river running right through it.

Mori Arch cave

Mori Arch cave 2

Once we left the cave we then walked over top of it and can then look back at the Mori Gate Arch.  

Mori Arch

We continued on the loop track to the Mirror Tarn – a small glass like lake that mirrored the bush surrounding it.

Mirror Tarn

More photos cane found in the photo gallery.