Just a half day in Rhodes Town

We had just a half a day and evening in Rhodes Town before we began our trip back to New Zealand via Madrid. 

Rhodes Old Town is filled with lovely old buildings that have been taken over by the modern need to provide tourists with places to eat, drink, party, nightclub and shop, thus hiding the real Rhodes of years gone by.   It is known now as a party town.

 people in the streets of Rhodes Old Townshops in Rhodes old town

We did however mange to find some beautiful spots including this walkway around the base of the town walls

walkway around wall of Rhodes Old Town

and check out the chandlers at this restaurant and bar

chandlers hanging outside bar

The port was filled with super yachts and ancient wind mills mixed with cruise ships

pot entrance with super yachts in backgroundancient wind mills with cruise liner in background

I had plans to return to Greece to see more of the island in the future but sadly as I left, I felt like it was not a place I would be in a hurry to go back to.

More photos can be found in my photo gallery.