We took a day trip from Athens to Aegina.  A lovely little Island very close to Athens 

Given that it was the middle of summer we decided to get to Aegina as early as possible by Flying Dolphin and take the slow ferry home.  This turned out to be a good plan, as we were able to stroll the streets and the waterfront of Aegina before it got really hot. 

 street scape

The little church on the pier is just beautiful to look at from the outside and the whole interior was covered with colourful paintings!

*beautiful church on pierpaintings in church

We had lunch in a lovely little restaurant by the water - white bait and sardines and a cool beer

sardines and whitebait for lunchcafe on beach

We were going to visit the Acropolis but it proved all too hard with public transport and the extreme heat of the day so we just moved around the town stopping to take in our surroundings before catching the ferry back to Athens.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.