The Rest of Barcelona

I have written about Gaudi's Barcelona....and this blog is about the rest of Barcelona 

We chose the perfect hotel - Catalonia Portal De L'Angel Hotel, which was in a pedestrian only street located right in the middle of the shopping precinct and just 200 metres or so from the Airport bus stop and the metro station.

We visited the markets each morning for breakfast and occasionally for lunch too!  Just 5 minute walk from the hotel!

Buying Saffron for mum at the marketParma Ham stall at the market

There were plenty of places to eat and one our favourite tapas place was Bilbao Berria in the Placa Nova - always packed with people and so much to choose from (a tip...sometimes you need to wait for dishes to come out as they are constantly refreshing the tapas counter with different tapas)

Tapas at Bilbao Berria

We walked to the Palau dela Musica Catalana which was built by a number of families to provide a venue for concerts - it is still privately owned today.  You can only visit by either taking a tour or going to a concert.  Unfortunatley there was nothing on when we visited so we had to take a tour.  Probably the best feature of the Palau was the stained glass ceiling and windows (unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos inside).  Unlike other concert venues, it was filled with natural light inside.  The main entrance was dominated by beautiful mosaic columns and arches.

 Mosaics and columns - exterior of Palau dela Misuca CatalanaMosiac on exterior of theatre

We walked the streets and this old Chinese Umbrella shop caught my attention

old Umbrella shop

Even thou we were within walking distance to most things, or just a two stop metro trip away from the Gaudi buildings we visited, we still managed to get sore feet.  Mum was caught with her feet in the bidet

Mum soakiung her feet in the bide

You will find more photos in the photo gallery.