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New House

The Build Process - Part 4

The weather over the last few weeks is enough to test the strongest builders!  It has done nothing but rain...it is not that we have had more rain than usual...it is just that instead of dumping heaps over a few days, it has just been continous!

There have been a lot of delays,  however despite the weather there has been progress.  The house has been wrapped like a xmas present albiet very boring looking wrapping paper and the roof goes on.

The Build Process - Part 3

Part 3 takes us the completion of the framing, trusses and rafters.  This stage has to be one of the quickest stages in the build process.

The Build Process - Part 2

Part 2 - takes us to the compeletion of the floor.  According to Raymond (the builder), he has never known a floor to take so long to be completed.  It is the stage in the building process that you are most likely to strike problems and of course we did!

The Build Process - Part 1

The build process started with the cleanup after the fire and the removal of large tree roots to make way for the new house.

Burning Down the House

The house was basically an old wooden house which was falling apart and would cost more to fix then to rebuild.  It was not even good wood…just pine.  It was suggested that the house be donated to the fire service for a training practise.  It turns out the house was perfect for the training requirements and the council granted the permit for it to happen and the rains came preventing a total fire ban being put in place!

Biolytix Sewerage Treatment System

Being a rural property we need to provide our own sewerage system.  The old one was in need of replacement so a Biolytix sewerage treatment system was chosen that is basically an ecosystem in a tank.

Sheds Bowled

To make way for the new studio and the second drive on access two sheds had to be bowled.  Tony the neighbour came over with his digger and completely flattened two sheds in just 2 hours. 

Gnome Home Arrives

Whilst the new house is being built small portable buildings sit at the bottom of the garden providing living and abolution block facilities. 

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