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The Build Process - Part 10

Everything is happening at once....the plumber, electrian, solar installer, fireplace installer and tiler spend long hours to get the house ready for my return form overseas.  Mel was making scones on the BBQ for everyone and late night coffees for the workers.

Dave the tiler does an amazing job sealing the showers

 sealing the showerDave laying the tiles in the guest bathroom

laying the tiles in the bathrooms

Tiles in the master bathroom


Tiles in the Kitchen

living and downstairs bedroom areas

Tiles in the living room which will surround a carpet square

Meanwhile Scotty is installing lights everywhere and wiring up all the power points that cover the walls.  We are definately not short on power points.  We are pleased that Scotty helped us cut out large amounts of lights from the lighting plan done by the lighting shop.  We think we have too many lights now and we almost halved what was on the plan! 

lighting underway in the kitchen area

Then there is Greg the plumber - toilets, vanities, shower roses and taps are installed everywhere. 

New vanity in bathroom

The downpipes go onto the outside of the house too, shame there was no rain in sight and water had to be ordered in so we could move in.

downpipes being fitted to the house

 The fireplace was installed with lots of huffy and puffy due to the pitch of the roof (45 degrees)!

fireplace flue being installednew fireplace

Oh and the solar system

 Phew that was a mamoth effort by all and Mel survived it all in my absense.  Thank you to all who worked so hard to get all of this done!