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The Build Process - Part 7

Walls, ceilings, stairs and doors...

The council gives clearance for the walls to go on and the gib is trucked in from Auckland so all systems go again.  The garage doors are still missing in action and nearly two weeks and 3 models later we have a dishwasher.  Now just got to find it as it is missing in action too....on a truck somewhere. 

It is very exciting seeing the walls go up, it is starting to feel like a real house and we get a better idea of how it is going to look when finished.

We have chosen the fake tongue and grove look (using ply) for the pitched ceilings.  In the living room the ceiling is around 7 metres high!

Photo of ply on ceilingMichael neiling off the ply on the 7 metre ceiling

Gib for the walls in the house

Gib in the upstairs bedroom and hallway

Ply in the garage as it is more hard wearing

Ply on garage walls and Dave cutting gib

Ply around the Velux windows looks great

picture of velux windows

...and doors with just 4 vertical groves in them just to be different. 

Picture of two doors - guest bathroom and laundry doorangle door being fitted

We  have some doors with weird angles and like the Velux windows we have loads of cavity sliding doors.  The living room cavity sliders are 1200 wide!

The workmen are loving the living area.  It is so light and warm in there on a sunny winters day!  No need for heating which is what we wanted to achieve, although we do have a fireplace of course for those cold winter days.

The stairs are now in and Mel can finally go upstairs...the ladder was a little too scary for her. 


Bailey is not so sure about the stairs and won't go up by himself....he does the first two stairs and then goes back down and cries because he cannot get to me.  He has made it upstairs twice with his lead on thou.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.

The gib stoppers have started and the painters too...so watch out for the next update!