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The Build Process - Part 5

The rain just keeps on coming but the builders keep on working.  The James Hardie Linear cladding is now on and all the external doors and windows are installed with the exception of the garage doors.   It looks like a real house now and cant wait to move in. 

Some of the windows were so heavy that it took 5 people to lift them into place.  There have been a few hiccups with the windows with one made too big, one made too small and the centre window in the living area was made with the peak off centre which looked really funny lol.

The living area is 7 metres at the highest point with bi-fold doors on the east and west side of the house and a really big church like window facing north.  This space feels really light and airy compared to the old living space that was in the southwest corner of the house.

Picture of bi-fold doors in the living area without glass

The kitchen has a large sliding window which allows for the use of the kitchen bench from inside and out.  This window was rather tight and took a little brut force to get it into place

Picture of builders installing windows - with a bit of brut force

It is so nice to have the external walls on and the building water tight. 

Photo of cladding and big feature window in living area

and to be able to walk through the front door

Photo of front door and big window above

The kitchen people have been to do the measure up and start making the kitchen this week.  We have chosen all the bathroom fittings, Kitchen joinery colours, kitchen appliances, carpets, tiles and paint colours.  Not without hiccups. 

Speed bumps along the way

  • The kitchen bench top was chosen last year and given that there were only 3 sheets left in the country, they were put on hold, however someone sold them to someone else by mistake.  All the colours had been chosen around the bench top colour which sent us into panic mode.  Luckily we found another manufacturer that had almost the identical bench top stone. 
  • The tiles were chosen at Xmas time but we could not place an order until the tiler completed a measure up and advised us on the best tile sizes to use in different areas.   Unfortunately the size we needed was sold out which sent us into panic mode again thinking that that we may have to change the carpet colours as well.  Thankfully once again another manufacturer made an almost identical tile in the right size.
  • But  it doesn’t end there…we chose the vanity units for the bathrooms a few months ago and told they would be in the country in mid June.  We got a call on Thursday night to say that they are now not due to arrive until September!  Once again we are in panic mode looking for a suitable replacement.  It looks like a manufacturer is going to help out by supplying us with a similar vanity top and make it in a single drawer unit which is not normally available.  Another problem solved. 

I know there will be another one just around the corner.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery