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The Build Process - Part 4

The weather over the last few weeks is enough to test the strongest builders!  It has done nothing but rain...it is not that we have had more rain than usual...it is just that instead of dumping heaps over a few days, it has just been continous!

There have been a lot of delays,  however despite the weather there has been progress.  The house has been wrapped like a xmas present albiet very boring looking wrapping paper and the roof goes on.

Below you will see the lovely ITM xmas wrap and the soffits and facia boards have also been installed.  We have gone for a tongue and groove look for the ceilings in the house so the soffits complete this detail.

House wrapped

 We were getting really worried as the rain kept pouring into the house and flooding everywhere.  On the 1st floor there is a chipboard floor which can take bad weather but we were worried that it was going to get to the point where it got damaged.  Fortunately the floor is fine

As you can imagine a wet roof at any pitch is dangerous and the main roof is at 45 degrees with the peak at 7 metres!!  The roof slowly went on although it is over a month later and the roof is still not quite finished, but the 1st floor is now water tight and it no longer rains inside when the heavens open.  We have now said goodbye to the persistant rain and along came the high winds...the roofers really couldn't win.

Roofer working on the roof

I think we may have set a record with 20 Velux windows in the roof!!  I am sure there won't be many builders who install more than 2 or 3 Velux windows a year...I think the two builders who installed the windows could class themselves as experts now.  The house is really taking shape now and feels like a real house.

close up of the house wrapped, the Velux windows and the roofthe house wrapped, the Velux windows and the roof

Watch for the next upate - wall cladding, exterior doors and windows.