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The Build Process - Part 3

Part 3 takes us the completion of the framing, trusses and rafters.  This stage has to be one of the quickest stages in the build process.

The framing is pre framed at a factory in town and brought onto site ready to be assembled a bit like a kitset.  Each piece of the frame is numbered and goes up in order.  The photo below shows the first floor framing stacked high on the 1st floor. 

 framing sitting of first floor ready for install,

The garage trusses are delivered and the builders walk along the top of the framing (narrower than a gymists beam) carrying the trusses and then flipping them into position.

The builders moving the trusses into place

The big picture window in the living area requires a very large steel beem to be lifted into place and bolted on.  We really get to see the shape of the new house coming together now!!

the house framed and the big picture window

We are allowed to climb the ladde to the first floor and the views are absolutely amazing.  It almost seems a bit of a shame to be blocking these wonderful views with the roof.

The view from the first floor obscured by the rafters

More photos can be found the photo gallery.