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The Build Process - Part 1

The build process started with the cleanup after the fire and the removal of large tree roots to make way for the new house.


The cleanup after the fire

We are learning alot about the different stages of building a house.  Starting with profiles used to mark out the footprint and provide height details.  Next the building outline is marked on the ground and the digger rolls in and digs the footings and removes the top soil.  Followed by concrete being poored into the footings.

Concrete pump getting ready to pur the footings

The blocky battles the hot Mahana days to lay the blocks required for the flooring.  The bedroom and garage areas require building up to create one level.  The photo below shows the block work with the contractors toilet behind.  What a view they get...haven't seen anyone game enough to leave the door open yet thou lol.

Block Work

It is cool to walk around the outline of the floor space but the rooms seem very small.  Apparently this changes when the  framing goes up.  I hope so!

After the completion of the block work concrete fills the blocks for extra strength.  The workers have to work quickly as the concrete sets quickly with the heat of the day

filling the block work with concrete

 More photos can be found in the photo gallery