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Move Out of the Old House

At the close of 2010 we prepare to move out of the house ready for it to be burned down by the local fire brigade. 


Emily (Emjay's little girl) is allowed to draw on the walls and we have a whole scene happening with a life sized Emily and she even drew around Bailey.  Mel helped with the cute Yofi drawing. 

Emilys Drawing on the Walls

Meanwhile the teenagers (Lizzie and friends graffiti the walls and ceilings with their tags and the odd poem and lyrics from songs.

Emjay and Emily created a Burning Down the House CD filled with music such as Birning Down the House and Beds are Burning.

As the new year (2011) starts we move out of the house with a little help from Cameron and Finlay.

Cam and Finlay on top of the beds on the trailer going for a ride

Once the house was empty, with the help of the builders, the plumber and Von we remove everything that can be re-used or recycled.  Mel takes to the kitchen bench with glee…commenting that she was finally getting rid of the orange kitchen!

Mel taking to the kitchen with the crowbar

More photos can be found in the photo gallery