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New House - Part 12

Well it has been two years since the hosue was built and I am constantly being asked for photos of the finished house. 

The delay has been caused by my need for the place to be looking at it's best and it has taken a long time to get the landscaping around the house sorted.  We are still not there yet as I failed grass planting 101 but with lots of adivce, research and better topsoil we are getting there!

Even today we still have a big pile of soil covered in tarps outside the living room waiting for spring.  You will see it in the photos. 

<photos of living area looking out>

The big old shed has been removed and it has opened up the area significantly.

<more photos >

We planned on having a garden either side of the front door and had about a foot of clay removed ready for topsoil and planting.  We soon discovered that the garden areas filled with water when it rained and it takes forever to drain away.  So we need drainage put in.  The drainage has been started...just another project that needs to be completed.

<photo of front door area>

The gabain basket retaining walls have been completed and the plants are starting to grow.

<photo of house from gum trea area>

If you want to see more, then you will just have to visit.