Madrid in 24 hours

With just 24 hours in Madrid we managed to visit two museums and find 3 great places to eat.


First stop was the Museo del Prado which was conveniently located just across the road from the hotel.  It was free to visit the muesem if you go between 6pm and 8pm...and just as well as we did not like it at all.  We could not appreciate any of the paintings and it is a real rabbit warren which made it difficult to find the paintings mum was keen on seeing.  We left just over an hour later disappointed.

Next we went in search of tapas and we found this most amazing Tapas bar called Los Gatos which is filled with an eclectic collection in the tinniest of spaces.

Los Gatos Tapa Tavern

The tapas were very tasty and went down a treat!

The next morning we got up early and went in search of food.  We found a tiny bar serving drinks and croissants.  I had a hot chocolate which was out of this world!  There was so much chocolate in it that when it cooled the top started setting.

Feeling ready to take on another museum we headed to the Musso Thyssen-Bornemisza which was also accross the road from the hotel.  At the entrance to this museum was an amazing sculpture of a head - called Carmen Dormada (Carmen Asleep)

Sculpture - Carmen Asleep

and just inside the museum was another amazing sculpture that stood around 3 stories high.

Sculpture - Eve

There is so much to see in this museum and so many awesome paintings.  We didn't see everything we wanted to see and will return to see the rest of the collection when we return to Madrid in 3 weeks.

The street signs are really cool

Madrid Street sign

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