Koh Chang

After our action packed week in Chiang Mai, we went to the Island of Koh Chang which is just a few hours from Bangkok near the Cambodian border in the province of Trat.

We landed in Trat at the quaint little airport which is totally controlled by one airline – Bangkok Airlines (they are good to fly with thou) and made our way to the island with Evolution Tours who do island transfers from the airport.

We stayed at Koh Chang Paradise Resort and this is where we spent 90% of our days!!

Koh Chang Paradise Resort

We ventured out to a local Korean café which had reasonably priced food and free internet access. Just walking to and from the café in the heat was enough exercise during the day. The rest of the time we sat around in loungers by the ocean reading our books,

Revi reading and drinking a coconut shake

or writing up the diary entries on the EEE, watching the local fisherman at work,

local fisherman

snoozing or taking a swim in the ocean! Revi would get a massage or a manicure on the beachfront

Body Workd

Revi having a foot massage

We had some pretty awesome sunsets


I would sit in one of the many swings along the beach and swing away.

Mich on swing

As the sun set the high tides abated and we could walk the beach. It seemed like a competition was being held as the shell collectors came out in force as the tide went out. They showed each other their best shell finds…trying to out do the others!

Revi collecting shells

We could also walk along the beach very early in the morning… before 8:30am. Revi was forever in search of the best shell she could find…and I found it for her 

Revi with the best shell find

I on the other hand was in search of Wilson and I finally found him on the last day!


During the day the tide was so high you could not walk along the beach. Unlike NZ, they have 1 tide a day. Tide Fact: The tide is in for most of the daytime during the dry season (November to May) and changes in the monsoon season when it is in most of the night.

The many hawkers who walked the waters edge had to dodge the waves and got their clothes wet to sell their wares to us….they were not allowed to come onto the grounds unless we asked to see something they were selling.


It was interesting watching on as people bought different pieces from them.

In the evenings we would walk next door to Cocoanut Beach for dinner which had a beach BBQ every night as well as traditional Thai food. We often had giant prawns and tuna on the BBQ….we just couldn’t resist them and the yummy tasty sauces they would bring us to go with them…we would devour the BBQ with the 5 different tasty sauces. We did try a couple of other places but we decided this was the best place and the staff all knew us by the end of the week.

All along the beach at night at the cafes you would see the fire juggler spectaculars in the dark of the night….it looked pretty cool.

Six days went quickly and before we knew it, it was time to return to Bangkok. We left the island with a list of things we were gona do but never did.

On our return to the airport the driver stopped to show us fisherman bringing in their catch.

Fishermans Catch

These fish were so tiny and along the roadsides you would see them drying on racks. I wonder how big they would grow if they were allowed to stay in the water longer?

We also stopped to check out a rubber tree plantation which was pretty cool.

Rubber Tree

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.