Flam to Bergen

Next morning awoke again to find it cold and raining (seems to be the theme to this trip), so cancelled our planned kayaking trip and caught the early ferry through the Sognefjord to Gudvangen.

The ferry was alive with the Ukranian geriatric Football team who took a shine to us. One of their players, an aging Hulk Hogan look alike complete with long bleached blonde hair, came up, put his arms around us, and posed to have his picture taken. It was only afterwards that we found out he was some increadibly famous Swedish football hero of old. The Ukranes kept us laughing with their vodka shots for breakfast (warms the blood) and one of them trying to fish off the back of the ferry.

Oh, and the scenery was spectacular too with waterfalls all around, and a mountain farm Stegen, which is situated 300 incredibly steep metres up a cliff face, and can only be reached by ladder. In medieval times the ladder magically disappeared every time a tax collector came around! At one point the fjord is only 250m wide, so it feels like the cliffs are crushing in on you.

M&M in the fjords

From Gudvagen we took a public bus through the Naeroydalen valley up to the Stalheimskleiva road. Oh my god.. if I thought the Steighiem was bad, this road is single lane with twists and turns up through 13 hairpin bends. To make it worse, it is sooooo popular that we kept meeting tourist buses decending.. but even worse than that there was a Swedish couple in a camper van who had dropped the clutch in their campervan whilst trying to climb the steep, wet, pass and so where trapped half way up.

Highside Traffic Jam

Our bus, had to back back AROUND a HAIRPIN BEND to try and let the decending tourist buses pass.. THREE TIMES! Oh my life so flashed passed my eyes as I had a window seat looking down 4,000 feet to the valley floor below. GULP!

Once the bus arrived in Voss, I very quickly located the nearest toilet to release some of the stress from the previous hour! The train ride from Voss to Bergen was happily uneventful.